Jan 16, 2017


Today 16.01.2017 as one of the residence of 230 units of houses from block A of serinabay apartment in jelutong have to climb up using stairs to their own house none of the 3 lift is working .. I feel pity the old and the unfortunate that need to climb staircase to go into their home , there is 23 floor in block A and 1 floor is 10 units of house and if 1 unit have 5 people living can we imagine how cramp and how hard for a family to go in and out of their house ..

There is NO notices what so ever been given to inform us residence that they are going to stop all 3 lifts today earlier by the management company of  "Island property management company sdn bhd  " and there is no explanation why is all this is happening ..

Before this i have told from this blog why i resign and didn't want to take up the post of chairman because of the terrible finding of miss used of money and fraud auditing that create a lot of expenses and alot of debt by the last JMB committees and their management company ( details from my previous blog posting here in this blog ) Later they want to hand over to me but they can't answer all the evidence shown that there is  alot of fraud accounting and miss used expenses done without residence concern and approval done but COB komtar 11th floor penang its director just don't care and keep pushing me to sign and take handover ... all this are bullshit !!! even the ahli majlis with them just to close case and push for me to sign and handover .. I didn't sign any document but they succeed to convince my deputy chairman ustaz yussof yaacob to sign this handover document that is all SHIT !!! ..

Later after i give my resignation letter the next day ustaz my deputy was approached by YB Ng Wei Aik that heard the news and call for a meeting to tell residence State Govt that is him will help ustaz and form new committees to run this place , they aggressively start doing collections in advanced and ask residence to come down and pay their maintenance in advanced to save this building in paying water and electricity bills .. they collect quit alot more then RM70 - 80K  to settle the utilities bills but still fails to collect the outstanding debt that old debt that residence don't pay , and NO action been taken to those that don't pay their maintenance bill so long that amounted to RM400-500K as what the previous problems JMB claimed .By taking payment in advanced the problems not going to be solved but they just postpone the problems to another date in future ...

Now after 1 year DAP and theirs new MC committee's take over problems that is postpone now submerging , today 16.01.2017 Monday all 3 lifts in block A not working , all 2 more block have at least just 1-2 units that is just working from 3 units each 3 blocks Lifts ..Our building security card systems have not been working for more then 1 year , our CCTV monitor that been placed at ground floor of all 3 block ontop of lifts have been remove into the management offices , all CCTV monitor at our main block B guard house have been dismantle out don't know put where at least there is 6-7 LCD monitors missing , our MC management meeting room round table and meeting chairs missing , the meeting rooms is empty , our gym rooms equipment missing , our swimming pools not operational for more then 1 year water is empty , our landscape trees and plant is left to die not taken care or watered , Until today 16.01.2017 no residents accounts statement bills been issued out to all residence upon their payment and outstanding current status asking us residence to pay their maintenance given by the MC from Island Management Company to residence ..

Day by day this building is falling to the state of  unmaintained why ? every month we residence pay our maintenance ... but we got Bullshit !!! Until when all of the DAP YB / MC and Island Management Company is going to say all this is because " People Have Debt And A lot Of  Residence Don't Pay Their Maintenance " but after more then 1 year this YB Ng Wei Aik / Lim Lye Sim / Ustaz Yossof MC And Island Management Company cant and even don't take actions according to act and the power of State Govt Penang Assemby men to residence or people that don't pay their mantenance fees until now ..Why ???

What happen to the speeched given by all these YB to the residence here that DAP State govt of penang will help all of the residence here ??? 

Why cant they take action but instead acting  like in movies or drama ???

 This is our first day of suffering climbing staircase into our own home even we have paid our part in maintenance fees ... I just cant imagine if because of this problems if one of the residence died because of  Heart faillure or stroke while climbing this staircase who is responsible ????

What happen if somebody is having emergencies called for ambulance but ambulance need to climb this staircase to give medical support to victims in this block A  died because of late receiving medical intention who is responsible ???

Those all these politician really care about us living in hell here ... Hell that is created by them because the authorities that allow all this to happen especially COB Commissioner Of Building And All this Adun And Assemblymen that doesn't do their jobs always put politic first people interest last ...

To me for this  Serinabay Apartment Jelutong Penang Case I blame :

1. Penang State Govt  : =  Fails To Ensure Enforcement Of  The ACT  Been Taken Action By COB Komtar 11 Floor Penang , COB didn't take action upon Fraud Audit Report With Proves Of Auditors Denying that the audit report send to COB is fraud and falsified Auditor Signatory ...The Police commercial crime also even Special Branch unit fails to take action upon all evidence and report been launch .State Govt penang have Allocation Of Fund just for Problematic Residential High rise that can be used to help us all even Federal Govt have these kind of  fund too but why left us like this , Even top ranking People in federal govt political party live here in this building but why cant they help us ... both federal and state govt always show as HERO out there in public but why ZERO to us residence here in Serinabay apartment jelutong Penang .

2. Adun Sg Pinang , Ng wei aik , Ustaz Yacoob & Commities and Island Management Company Sdn Bhd  = Fails to really solved the roots of the problems by taken action upon those that doesn't want to pay maintenance fees and have great amount of maintenance debt that is amounting to RM500K above , but
they can only say the CAUSE of the problem but NO SOLUTION to the problems ...
YB Lim Lye Sim Adun Sg Pinang , Penang 
YB Ng Wei Aik Wakil Rakyat Parliment Tanjong , Penang 
New Island Property Management Sdn Bhd As Serinabay Apartment Management Company 
Ustaz Yussof  Yacoob  Serinabay MC That Sign The Handover Document From JMB To MC Even Initialy told by me Don't sign and let COB be responsible Upon thier Mess
Ahli Majlis yang minta saya sign juga document handover JMB ke MC walaupun setelah diberikan semua bukti yang JMB telah menghantar Audit Report Palsu kepada COB komtar untuk Cuci tanggan minta saya tanggung sebagai pengerusi baru MC Di Komtar Tingkat 11 , Tetapi saya TIDAK sign Dan keluar Mesyuarat Ini Timbalan saya sign Ustaz yussof yaccob Sign Atas sebab Beliau sendiri .
They Come In 1 Year , they see , they say ,  they promise ,  and they walk away like ACTORS in drama or in movies ...

After I post this blog and spread around only 1 lift is operational now after a few hour , but the real question now is why just 1 lift operational from this block A building have 3 lifts ? We residence face this lifts problems is more then 1 year and how much more year we need to have wait just to have 1 out of 3 lifts operational ?

Again the answer is we got no money and a lot of people residence don't pay maintainance fees  ...

I'm sick and tired to hear this reason but no action been taken to those that don't pay their maintainance ..

1 year is not enough for all of you to take action and collect back all those back debt of residence don't pay more then RM500K ?

What have you all been doing this 1 year ?  


Apr 26, 2016

Congratulation on the election of the Commities of management Commities Of Serinabay Apartment 2016-2017 in 25th April 2016 EGM

Dear Residence ,

First of all congratulation for the newly elected MC of serinabay head By Ustaz Yussof  Yacob and the Rest of residence plus DAP members of YAB Eng Wei Aik Teams ..

From what I heard presences in this EGM is Nik Ariff and YAB Eng We Aik ... I'm not presence because I have things to attend ...

A lot of decesion made in this meeting is more on electing new Commities and YAB promises to help residence of serinabay apartment ... Hopefully I hope So .

Nothing is mention in this EGM regarding the RM500K creditors debtors that just mention now it's getting lower because of collections done by YAB Eng teams come down to collect the 3 month that reach about RM60K if I'm not mistaken , now mention that have decrease ... Nothing also mention about audits Accounts of the Handover from jmb to mc that is still un adopted ... With a lot of fraud auditors and audits presented in this handover AGM Jan 2016 ... And please this new Commities remember that this 3 - 4 months collection done by YAB Eng and YAB Lim team is also not audited yet and also need to be audits .. YAB eng receipts must be replace by New MC official receipts ... Then only it is valid .

So now I also understand that they need to look forward and collects the residents debt inorder to settle the jmb creaditors debts ... I wish all the best , Hopefully you all can .

But never forget the reason why all this happen and do something about it ... Just don't make promises like what jmb did and later we residence will have to come again to the same terms and condition here in serinabay

Again congratulation and hope to see some changes soon 

Mar 17, 2016


As chairman i really disappointed in Nik ariff COB director and Tuan haji yussof ( yussof Belon ) Ahli Majlis PAS jelutong ... decision to waive my proofs of original letter from Auditors Offices saying that the 2014 and 2015 audits accounts is not audited by Tuan Haji Aziz tahir From AT Konsortium Chartered Accounts Firms and still persist in MC to received this hand over ... But i as chairman of mc didn't want to sign this handover and until the end didn't sign anything , neglected to receive anything from JMB2013-2015 Instructed by COB and Ahli Majlis ... This is because to me this are all set up side winded agenda just for MC to handover because according to act COB need to ensure jmb must hand over within 3 months from AGM Date ..So if they except this letter from auditors that this accounts is fraud then the whole AGM is null And void !!!

In the other hand the attitude of an ahli majlis is so not professional , how can he and Nik Arif allow us MC to take over when the MC certificate is not out yet until the second meeting ..they JMB 2013-2015 just bring in Receipts of payment for Quick rent 2015 into this meeting NOT the certificate Of MC then push for Handover to MC ...They also know that the process of approving this MC certificate Needs 2 Department Consent to be approved then only the MC certificate is out .. Now all this will definitely drag from 15.03.2016 at least by end months of march , now what can MC do without certificate and JMB 2013-2015 have stop the security and cleaners ...who going to do all this works if MC cant engage company without certificate , cannot open bank accounts do collections , cannot make letterhead ,chop and receipts books with MC name and certificate in all this legal document ..

Now Cob Director Nik ariff is in meeting at KL and only will back on Monday 21.03.2016 now who is going to handle and services this apartment ....NO MC members want to remain in MC if like this how COB used My Deputy Ustaz Yussof  to become "mangsa kejadian" and get him to sign this handover even without my signature as chairman ...JMB2013-2015 should not be release of duty because they are the one that present all this problems of accounts fraud spend more then what they have in things that goes to waste.. in the end they handover with DEBT of RM500K for MC to pay .

Now my victimize deputy Ustaz Yussof  Yaccob have also clarified by COB Director Nk Ariff that MC must be responsible and pay old debts by JMB2013-2015 and give word of confidence that he need not to worry that COB Will help him to collect back all the residence owe money for MC to payback all this RM 500K Debt left by JMB2013-2015 With UN adopted falsified signatory not valid audited accounts ..To me COB is making him comfortable because if he can say like this that mean he can also do it earlier to help JMB2013-2015 to settle their own Debt before but why don't he ...

In the AGM 16 Jan 2016 in front of  Nik Ariff i have mentioned to all residence all this vendor creditors DEBT by JMB2013-2015 is because of miss management of JMB that spend more then what they collects then they just used allocated fund to pay whatever they like in the name of just to run offices ... Can they JMB 2013-2015 take Quick Rent 2015 Money collected in hand and pay electricity bill when electricity bill fall under different allocations , who give them the authorities to do so no EGM yet they mentioned COB allow it and COB confirm allowing it but under what based or act..The consent Of residence is not required is this true..? why didn't COB check first if they presume they can collect quick rent RM43K and one house only pay about RM60-70 ringgit that mean about 700 house and shop doesn't pay their monthly RM110.00 services charge .... Can JMB2013-2015 Prove that ? what about the UN paid RM6,800.00 Monthly fees that need to be paid to MS elevators if they don't pay and show in creditors list RM110K as JMB debt but why in balance in bank as at December 2015 only left RM5K ...

What about JAN-MARCH 2016 monthly expenses that have not been audited!!! but still COB push MC for handover ...In last meeting also agreed by Ahli majlis and COB that JMB need to collect Normal monthly Maintenance plus Insurance 2016 plus back debt Of 2015 Quick rent then make payment to land offices then get the receipts to developer to release out MC certificate ...Now on 15.03.2016 meting No MC certificate / Insurance Not pay / TNB JAN-MARCH Not pay they just pay 2015 Quick rent and illegally Rent out all 2016 Mgnt Parking lot with not authorities from 2016MC just clearing out the house . Why Still COB and AHLI Majlis Allow all these ? no comment but still want me to sign the hand over ...I'm not that desperate !!!

 i went out this meting without signing anything but the ahli Majlis Words that i wont forget is

" Kalau you tak nak sign dan nak resign silakan ,KAMI  tak harap awak tapi saya datang kerana Ustaz Yussof timbalan awak.. tak pa ustaz yussof boleh menerimanya "

Then i say

" Ok jika begitu nampaknya saya tak penting dalam mesyuarat ini dan tak perlu ada dalam mesyuarat ini , baik saya keluar " i went out this second time also without signing any hand over document ..

To all this have been setup good and sadly ustaz yussof that was victimize after the meeting call and ask me to meet him and when i arrived his face was so sad and he cried and admit that he has make a mistake to sign this handover document in this condition and want to stop me from resigning but to me i look at it there is no way to move forward without taking this excess baggage along with MC..today i submit my printed copy of resignation letter apart from my what app and Sm's version my resignation letter dated 15.03.2016.

So now residence " Ibarat sudah Jatuh Ditimpa Tangga " Serinabay need to go through this once again and now left to COB Komtar Tingkat 11 Penang To handle this apartment until the new MC is forms...

As for me now I'm just residence back ,and i will use my residence right to put in Polices Report pertaining to JMB2013-2015 Fraud Audit reports soon and wont give up to brings JMB2013-2015 with DR Amelia Ismail From E&O Accounting Services to Justice


Mar 16, 2016

16/3/16, 3:23:21 PM: Mohamad Amin Amin: Latest update about auditors AT Konsortium :

16/3/16, 3:23:21 PM: Mohamad Amin Amin: Latest update about auditors AT Konsortium : 

Safuan on last Friday went again to auditors house to get signatory and make payment to auditors .. But again auditors decline and said " you bawa duit banyak mana pun Saya Tak Akan sign " so again this Safuan fails to get auditors signatory and make payment ... 

So now this is what make someone do this Surat Akaun bersumpah under his name mr Safuan with chop of Pesuruhjaya Sumpah can pay RM5.00 and send to cob for proofs that this audit is legitimate !!! 

Safuan bring RM2k cash to pay the auditors on friday

Now with this still cob trying to play a fool and doesn't want to take action against all this jmb ?

I'm a fool if I still think cob is helping us !!!

All these are because of them all ... Perasuah !!! Perosak bangsa !!!

Mar 6, 2016

Latest Update on the Fraud Accounts presented in Serinabay Apartment 1st MC AGM meeting 2016

Latest news and also for those spy of jmb and dr Amelia to pass to them ..

She is now contacting the auditor AT konsortium to close this case ... And arranging to meet the auditors in kl ... So clever ...

This is because thier partner in crimes MR Safuan workers in AT konsortium have find out that the auditors already know all thier backstabbing works ... She used Safwan to do this fraud audits accounts ... And now asking auditors to acknowledge the audits report that have been presented under the name of AT konsortium so they all will be free of the fraud charges !!!

But what they don't know is I have all evidence that show at konsortium have written letter that show that they are not appointed as auditor and did not do this audit accounts ...

Now is the time to test the auditors integrity and also to see what based they going to change the denial letter content saying that it's true !!!

I believe the auditor of AT konsortium cannot be bought in cash from them ... And not people can be RASUAH !!!

We will see the end game soon !!!

P\S : 2013 norazizi has done the audits report for serinabay but never get paid yet until now ... So according to law jmb must pay and give letter of termination of services to norazizi first before they can give letter of appointment to AT konsortium charted accounts ...

Just now another latest new upon the fraud audit report :

1. Right now Dr Emelia is using her staffs of E&O accounting services to grand an audience to meet auditor .. But auditor have confirm no meeting will be entertained by auditor just see In court

2. Auditor have given clearer picture that this mr Safuan is just practical student of uitm that taken in for training and now no more in working with AT Konsortium working as freelance taking project for Any auditing company ..

3. This ms Liyana working for dr Amelia of E&O accounting services have mentioned that have made payment to this mr Safuan freelance , but now question by auditors of why he never declare this serinabay project to Auditor AT Konsortium ..and as qualified and high standard auditor he also question the integrity of Safuan and why there is no appointment letter given to him as auditor to consider upon taking or not taking this serinabay initially for this serinabay apartment then only with auditor approval he can received payment ... Right now there is no records of at Konsortium taking audit project from serinabay jmb ..

4. This ms Liyana is former resign workers of Norazizi Rashid charters accounts and now working with dr Amelia in E&O accounting services . She is the network contact to auditors in kl and Amelia is person who bring business to them by using her contact kl auditors ...

So now both auditors At Konsortium and Nirazizi  Rashid have agreed that to push this case to polices first under CBT charges ..

Mar 1, 2016

Bogus And Fraud Audit Report Plus With Forged Signiture Of Auditors / Auditors Dont Do This Audits But JMB 2013-2015 Can Present In AGM 2016 To Be Addopt In Meeting In Front Of All Athorities / BUT with all Proofs No LAW can Touch THEM !!!! REALITY AND POLITICS IN MALAYSIA

JMB 2013 - 2015  Presented Fraud Audits Accounts With Forgery Of Auditor Signature And Not valid Audits Accounts To Residence Here In AGM Formation Of  MC Serinabay Apartment Penang 2016

This AGM Attend by Representative Of ADUN Sg Pinang / JMB 2013-2015 / COB Director EN Nik Ariff / PR Builders Representative / PLB Reprentative / Residence Of  Serinabay Apartment / Dr Emelia Ismail Represent E&O Accounting  Services As JMB 2013-2015 Account Consultant 

The First Audits Report From Norazizi Rashid Company caught By Me Under The Null and void JMB AGM 2014 / now Change To AT Konsortium Charted Accountant Fraud and forged auditors company and signature's Again in 2016 AGM .

The First Audits Report From Norazizi Rashid Company caught By Me Under The Null and void JMB AGM 2014 / now Change To AT Konsortium Charted Accountant Fraud and forged auditors company and signature's Again in 2016 AGM .

The First Audits Report From Norazizi Rashid Company caught By Me Under The Null and void JMB AGM 2014 / now Change To AT Konsortium Chartered Accountants Fraud and forged auditors company and signature's Again in 2016 AGM .

The First Audits Report From Norazizi Rashid Company caught By Me Under The Null and void JMB AGM 2014 / now Change To AT Konsortium Chartered Accountants Fraud and forged auditors company and signature's Again in 2016 AGM .

The Second Audits Report New 2015 Caught again with fraud Signature's and The Company AT Konsortium Chartered Accountants don't do This Audits Report Presented In 2016 AGM

The Second Audits Report New 2015 Caught again with fraud Signature's and The Company AT Konsortium Chartered Accountants don't do This Audits Report Presented In 2016 AGM

The Second Audits Report New 2015 Caught again with fraud Signature's and The Company AT Konsortium Chartered Accountants  don't do This Audits Report Presented In 2016 AGM

The Second Audits Report New 2015 Caught again with fraud Signature's and The Company AT Konsortium Chartered Accountants don't do This Audits Report Presented In 2016 AGM

My Letter To En Tahir Aziz Auditor To As For confirmation And To Acknowledgement Of  Signature and Is It true AT Konsortium Chartered Accountants  Do This Accounts  And Audit It ...  
AT Konsortium Chartered accountants Letter  Of  Denial From Responsibility Of Doing And Signing This Audits Reports , Presented In 2016 AGM Meeting Of serinabay on the 16th January 2016.. Its a fraud Audit Reports Again the second time Presented by Dr Emelia Ismail On behalf of  Culprit JMB 2013-2015  / also in front of  COB director En Nik Ariff Plus Adun DAP Sg Pinang Representative ...  

En Tahir Aziz of AT Konsortium Chartered Accountants Police Report In KL Pertaining To This his Un Audited with Forgery of his signature's as Auditor ...
 Before this i have done report to all authorities pertaining to the fraud of auditors signature's and un audited report by auditors of Norazizi Rashid Auditing company in 2015 but no action by COB komtar MBPP ... Even to SPRM And Police With All Evidence provided ...

Before this i have done report to all authorities pertaining to the fraud of auditors signature's and un audits report by auditors of Norazizi Rashid Auditing company in 2015 but no action by COB komtar MBPP ... Even to SPRM And Police With All Evidence provided ...

My Police report based from En Norazizi Rashid Auditing Company letter reply to me pertaining this "Penipuan " 

My Police report based from En Norazizi Rashid Auditing company letter reply to me pertaining this "Penipuan "
EN Norazizi Rashid Auditing Company That Has been Fraud his Company name and Signature's Reply to Me 

EN Norazizi Rashid Auditing Company That Has been Fraud his Company name and Signature's Reply to Me

En Norazizi Rashid Police Report Toward DR Emelia Ismail E&O Accounting Services that Present This Fraud 2014 Audits Report and Auditors Signature's Initially Under Norazizi Rashid Auditing Company But Now 2016 Change To AT Konsortium  Chartered accountants  Also The Same Owner Don't Do this Audits And doesn't sign This Audits Report 

En Norazizi Rashid Police Report Toward DR Emelia Ismail E&O Accounting Services that Present This Fraud 2014 Audits Report and Auditors Signature's Initially Under Norazizi Rashid Auditing Company But Now 2016 Change To AT Konsortium  Chartered Accountants  Also The Same Owner Don't Do this Audits And doesn't sign This Audits Report 


JMB 2013-2015 
Don't Pay 2015 Quick Rent and cause 
MC cannot Get Certificate and run this Offices / 
cannot change signatory / cannot engage vendor / 
cannot deal with all legal arrangement / 
residence cant sell their houses / 
collection cannot be made by MC / 
Cannot do anything stucks with position appoint by residence but cant help them 

COB Komtar 
Give dateline by 14 March 2016 to settle 2015 Quick rent Debt and get MC their Certificate To run offices 
Doesn't Show any backup plan if JMB 2013-2015 Fails to do so 
Doesn't even care about the fraud accounts and bogus auditors signature done by JMB2013-2015 as seem like washing hand in this fraud matter 
they are the one that allow JMB2013-2015 to postpone AGM 2014 null and void until AGM 2016 then Push For MC with Unaudited accounts for so many years  "CAT System "
Pencil Pushing and a lot of wise guy but zero action upon solutions 

ADUN Sg Pinang 
Doesn't even care to come down to our AGM 2016 yet send representative that only stay for a few minits but don't try to HELP the situation In Serinabay Apartment 
They also Wash hand and Pencil Pushing Play safe People 
With so many Problems surrounding that they authorities are the one doesn't care and just Buat Tidak Apa attitude ...
To much Politics but no actions in helping at all ...

That don't even care but just know how to complaint and demand 
no initiative no co operations now just hope for all superman do clear all this mess and maintain back this building back to original day that is very taught and with current situation it just been delay by JMB2013-2015...Nothing can be done !!! alot of damage need to be maintain but JMB 2013-2015 Just taking time in delaying and collecting money that was not agreed in Komtar Meeting to be collected by them to settle the 2015 quick rent ...

New Elected MC 
Just Hope some miracle can be send to help bringing Justice and bring up back serinabay to shine in its values ...
hope authorities STOP playing politics and START Helping rakyat !!!! 

Nov 24, 2015


With this letter its clearly this is an act of " falsifying Legal Document " Pecah Amanah and need to take action upon E&O Accounting Services And IQS Resources Plus JMB 2013-2014 That have together sign this audit report and present to residents plus to " NATO COB KOMTAR PENANG " in ths COB i have make the complaint earlyer to EN NIK ARIF Pengarah COB Komtar Penang .. Yet Ask them to Siasat usless no action ... They can just take the audit report and with accountant in this COB no one care to go thorugh this audit report given to them by the 2013-2013 JMB ... 

Now its has been plan by COB komtar to wash thier hand upon this matter and to push for MC formations , but what about this falsified audit report .... we resident have been denied of have our own money collections accounts from October 2013 until coming to the end of 2015 " No Audited Accounts Presented " What is COB KOMTAR Penang Doing ?????? Why is Nik Ariff  Not Moving at All ???? What is the YDP Patayah Doing ??? 

We are going to file POLICE report and SPRM report soon upon this matters ... 

Thats all for now 

Nov 13, 2015


I decide to write this letter to the auditors company for confirmations after so fedup with COB komtar penang when given complaints to them pertaining to the authentic and genuinity of this audit reports is false , its seem like im talking to the wall "NATO" ... so this is my next step in finding the truth . To :  COB director En Nik Ariff i dont understand is it hard to write to auditors and get confirmations ? 

Oct 24, 2015

Meeting With Director Of COB Komtar 11th Floor On 23.10.2015 3:30pm When The COB Staff Act Using Racial Issue to cover thier weakness

Kejadian di COB offices Komtar Tingkat 11 , dimana apabila respon Wakil Wakil Pengerusi jmb dan penduduk rumah bertingkat bersatu untuk Pergi bertemu COB Atas Ketidak puashatian terhadap cara COB menanganni masaalah penduduk Dengan cara " paper pushing Sahaja " Inilah cara penjawat Awam offices mereka yang Tak puas Hati dan Marah bertindak .... 

Isu bangsa dikeluarkan !!! Dan malangnya penjawat Awam Ini tidak SEDAR yang datang Ini berbilang bangsa !!!! 
Dalam video Ini Secara terang beliau mengaku dan berkata 
" Saya kata Dia " 
Ini bukti yang nyata yang beliau telah menggunakan Isu bangsa Melayu kepada Saya ... 
Dia bekerja untuk Siapa Ini ??? 
Mengapa pengarahnya Tak Berani Tolak Kami berjumpa walaupun pada awalnya Hanya membenarkan Pengerusi bayumas Saja yang berjumpa ???? 
Tapi selepas bayumas , serinabay , Desa Bistari dan lain lain Dia jumpa juga ??? 
Mungkin pengarahnya SEDAR yang beliau penjawat Awam !!! 
Tapi Sayang staff Bawahan beliau yang Cakap Isu bangsa Ini yang bagi Saya Sudah ibarat sendiri Makan Cabai .... 
Saksikanlah !!! 
Dan Saya yakin Ramai lagi diluar Sana akan kata 
" Sebab tu Kami meluat Nak jumpa COB Ini " 
Persoalan Saya kepada Semua : 
"Sampai bila Kita Nak biarkan mereka layan Kita seperti Ini "
Hasil daripada perbincangan dan Apa yang dijanjikan PENGARAH COB Kepada kami : 

1. Bayumas - PENGARAH Cob , Beliau Akan mengambil tindakan Jika didapati staff Beliau yang dalam video ini bersalah Kerana telah datang dan mengendalikan mesyuarat AGM Malah membuat keputusan yang Pengerusi bayumas tidak sah dan tidak layak mengundi memalukan Pengerusi dihadapan penduduk yang mana telah membuat Satu keputusan yang Salah dan tidak mengikut akta Kerana beliau sepatutnya bertindak bersikap neutral 

2. Serinabay apartment - Pengarah Cob Berjanji yang beliau Akan memastikan JMB 2013-2014 Akan bertangungjawap dalam mengesahkan dan bertangungjawap terhadap hasil audit Akaun Kewangan daripada JULY 2013 - DEC 2015 dan diserahkan Kepada pemaju .
Pengarah COB Berjanji yang semua data dan Dokument Akan menjadi hakmilik penduduk dan diserahkan JMB 2013 - 2014 Kepada akauntant untuk Di audit dan diserahkan kepada pemaju . 
PENGARAH COB Berjanji isu isu berbangkit Di Serinabay apartment ini Akan selesai sebelum hujung Tahun 2015 Ini dan menjadikan Genap setahun . 

3. Desa Bistari - PENGARAH COB Akan menyiasat Laporan penduduk yang telah dilaporkan penduduk sebelum ini tidak diambil tindakan dan Akan menyiasat dakwaan penduduk yang Mesyuarat penubuhan MC Persatuan Desa Bistari block B ini palsu tidak berlaku dan tidak sah Kerana Minit Mesyuarat yang dihantar Kepada COB itu palsu Gambar Gambar Nya dan menggunakan Cara mempengaruhi Syarikat yang memiliki berpuluh unit disini sebagai majorities sokongan mereka on Minit Saja tapi hakikatnya Tiada notis panggilan mesyuarat dikeluarkan Kepada penduduk ..
Beliau juga Berjanji Akan Cuba meminta pihak Pengurusan sekarang untuk membuat EGM dan COB Akan Bersama penduduk dalam Mesyuarat ini untuk mendengar segala permasaalahan penduduk disini dan membantu mereka ...

Kita Tunggu !!!!

Cut and Paste This URL To See The Recorded Video :